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WiFi Site Survey

The adoption of WiFi technologies over the last few years has seen many small businesses deploy wireless networks. This might be in the form of a single wireless router as supplied by many Internet Service providers, or it could be a number of dedicated WiFi Access Points. Often the resulting network coverage is disappointing, the main reason for this that little or no design has been carried out and the Access Points are positioned for cabling convenience rather than the desired network coverage.

Proper network design is essential for a wireless network to work efficiently. The design includes not only the physical positions of WiFi Access Points but also the configuration parameters such as channel assignment and power settings. Because of the open nature of WiFi the security arrangements are also a fundamental aspect of the design. Our consultants can carry out onsite surveys and predictive desktop designs covering all aspects of WiFi design to ensure that your deployment delivers secure and business level of connectivity. Please contact us for further details.