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IT Solutions

IP Digital Surveillance

The benefits of CCTV are now widely recognised as a crime prevention measure and also as a means to gather evidence. Investment of conventional analogue CCTV can be expensive , these cameras are  fairly limited in operation by only capturing video images. The Adobe Hut Digital Surveillance solution uses the latest intelligent camera technology and exploits the benefits of Internet Protocol (IP) Technology to place cameras, detectors, sensors together with the security server on your IT network.  Cameras are high quality, full colour and intelligent information-gathering devices. Smart features such as video motion detection can be used to trigger an event when a pre-defined view has altered. The event can be associated with local and remote actions. Locally the camera might sound an alarm or switch on security lighting while a remote actions could be the sending an alert e-mail alert or taking a snapshot.

Because the Surveillance solution is IP based, images can be viewed from anywhere that your network extends, this could include from a remote location via a secure link over the Internet Please contact us for more information on our Digital Surveillance solution.