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IT Solutions

Workstations and Servers

When the need for a new or replacement PC occurs it can be a real challenge to make your purchase quickly. A trip down to the local PC superstore confronts you with an enormous array of machines packed with a collection of features, half of which you have never heard of. What should be a simple task can become a daunting chore.

At the Adobe Hut we have many years experience in specifying and procuring IT equipment. We can select the appropriate machine for the role. With the correctly, but not over specified machine, significant savings can be realised.  When it’s time for a dedicated file server we can help here too with our specification design and implementation service.

Most small business maintains a number of printers which tend to be locally attached to multiple workstations. Deploying a network attached printer can often result in savings as ink or toner can be bought in bulk. Centralising tasks such as faxing can benefit users in the office by enabling them to send faxes directly from their desk. Adobe Hut recommend Dell hardware but can advise on all makes of servers workstation, laptops and printers. Please contact us for further information.